SK C&C সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানুন

Company Overview

SK C&C is a total IT services provider that was established in 1991. The company offers services such as IT consulting, outsourcing, system integration, and system maintenance & repair to just about every sector of industry, including finance, communication/media, energy/chemical, logistics/services, and the public sector.

After providing services to an SK affiliate in 1998, SK C&C has adopted an advanced SLA model; it also offers top-level IT outsourcing services—SK C&C runs not only Korea’s largest data center in Daedeok, it operates a 24/7 customer support center (ISAC).

Moreover, SK C&C’s system integration capability & solutions in the areas of finance, communication, and energy is widely regarded as being in South Korea. With such reputation, SK C&C has worked with the South Korean government as well as with other overseas governments on large-scale system integration projects.

In recent years, SK C&C’s global outreach is rapidly finding its place. In 2007, SK C&C established subsidiary companies in China and India, and in 2008, the company was awarded the Azerbaijan ITS construction project—the largest overseas project awarded to a Korean IT services provider. SK C&C went on to carry out Mongolia’s ITS project, Kazakhstan’s postal/logistics project, and m-Commerce projects in the US, leading Korea’s export of IT services to overseas market

In 2010, SK C&C developed a new vision slogan “Create Value for Customers, Challenge the Future,” and renewed its commitment to generate customer value and to succeed in the global market.[citation needed] The company is striving to become a global IT service leader by securing future growth engines[clarification needed], and is continuously working towards developing new service models & solutions in the areas of green IT and ICT convergence.

  • Revenue: KRW 1.3126 trillion (as of 2009 4Q)
  • Operating Profit: KRW 127.6 billion (as of 2009 4Q)
  • Number of Employees: 3,300 (as of 2009 4Q)

Business Areas


  • Operational Strategy Consulting: BPR/PI, CRM/MKT Strategy, Procurement Strategy, U-Biz, Environment Consulting, etc.
  • IT Strategy Consulting: ISP, EA/ITA, e-Commerce, etc.
  • Solution Consulting: CRM Package Implementation, MKT Platform Service, ERP, SEM/EIS Solution, Enterprise Knowledge Portal, IFRS/Accounting, etc.

IT Outsourcing

  • Data Center Service, IDC, Network Service
  • Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery
  • ISP/Information System Management (Information System Management)
  • Application Development/Maintenance
  • ISAC (Information Services Assistant Center) Service

System Integration

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), National Security Management, Geographic Information System (GIS), Urban nformation System (UIS), e-Trade, Postal Logistics, Finance, National Defense, etc.
  • IFRS, Next-Generation System, RMS(Risk Management System, BPM, CRM, etc.
  • CCBS(Customer Care & Billing System), m-Commerce, IPTV, NPS (Network Production System), Satellite DMB, etc.
  • ERP, MIS, CRM, Network engineering, Network Application Platform, etc.

Future Business

  • Green Solution Development(Green Data Center, Smart Eco, Smart Grid, Smart Traffic, Green Architecture, Cloud Computing)
  • Customer Lifestyle Enhancement (Smart Card, Signal Control, etc.)

Overseas Subsidiaries

SK C&C Systems (China)

SK C&C India Pvt. Ltd. (India)

  • IT Engineering Resource Development, Telecom & Mobile Application Services, etc.

Sky C&C (Mongolia)

  • SI, Overseas Call Services (ISP), etc.


  • M-Banking, m-Commerce, etc.

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